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1. In this instance, the functions eventually satisfied, and Doctor Lee went on to run the Google Cina initiative. If you were running Microsoft company, what do you have done in another way in this scenario?

In 2150. Dr . Kai-Fu Lee, a renowned laptop scientist, worked well at Microsoft company, his employment with Microsoft beginning with an " contract with Microsoft company contain[ing] a limited covenant to never compete” (Ferrera, p. 320) for one year after going out of Microsoft. The agreement also contained a forum variety clause that if any litigation came into being after his employment, it will be in Washington state. Dr . Lee was privy to " confidential or proprietary details or trade secrets” (Pagnattaro, 2007). By 2005 during sabbatical, " Lee contacted Google about leaving Ms and going to work for Google” (Ferrera, l. 320). Dr . Lee empty Microsoft intended for Google. Doctor Lee had a passion intended for technology and wanted to come back to China. Ms filed a lawsuit against Dr . Shelter and Google in Full County Remarkable Court in Seattle, Buenos aires. The court granted an initial injunction in preference of Microsoft enjoining both Lee and Google from specific activities regarding Google's organization in Chinese suppliers. If I had been running Microsoft company, albeit my personal corporation could hardly offer Dr . Lee a leadership placement in Chinese suppliers, I believe that individuals had a very good chance of demonstrating our circumstance at trial versus deciding with Dr . Lee so I would have extended with submitting the court action.

2 . Since this is a common scenario, how can you recommend firms to respond in the foreseeable future?

The main difficulty that I discover in this scenario and I think with many non-compete agreements is they are reactive to the condition. I would need to think of means that would make my personal stance even more proactive. Later on, I would proactively seek to give more quality in terms of what exactly is being protected, as well as evidently identifying a definition of the phrase " solicit” (which would include soliciting an employee and...

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