Finding a Treatment for Parkinson

 Essay in Finding a Cure for Parkinson

Adversity In Finding A Cure For Parkinson Disease

Jolanda Malone

SOC 313: Sociable Implications of Medical Issues

Diane Meza

February sixth, 2012

Parkinson disease is now one of the most inquisitive diseases. In this disease, the most important concepts happen to be that no one can really identify where and exactly how this disease has took place. What treatment options truly operate or truly improve the life style and what barriers will be crossed to locate a cure with this disease. Science tecnistions do know that Parkinson disease is caused by the lack of dopamine that acts as a messenger for two areas of the mind. The area of exactly where the motor unit symptoms happen and then ultimately causing the memory sensory of the brain. When there is a loss of dopamine inside the brain the two areas can easily have cause movement to become ineffective and impaired. What is puzzling to scientist is the reason why the dopamine producing in brain cellular material are deteriorating. This then leads to looking for if this disease is usually something hereditary or when there is an intake of something that can be causing the cells to slowly pass away.

Two major research have been happening in the reason for Parkinson disease. One study has become to find out when it is caused by a hereditary defect or have been released to an intake of pesticides. Research workers have investigated what gene or genetic link is in fact causing the mind to induce into these symptoms. Studies show that there is no single gene that for Parkinson. Multiple issues could induce many family genes. In learning showing families that are subjected to this disease, show there is not one gene in facts that can be recognized or have been. With this kind of disease lots of people are to believe it is old age and just a common sign of aging with the trembling in the hand and loss of harmony, which then causes it to be hard to acknowledge the disease. The symptoms can easily all be not the same as starting in the foot or perhaps positioning with the arm move in a direction. Parkinson influences mainly people who are over the age of sixty and...

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