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Caffeine Export Business Plan

Executive Overview

Silvera & Sons prepares green Arabica coffee beans grown in Brazil for exportation to American specialty charcoal grill and provides to wholesalers on the B razil market. We will grow production potential from 72, 000/60kg luggage per year to 120-160, 000/60kg per year. The coffee stands out from that of your competition. We prepare the top five percent, with regards to quality specifications, of all Arabica beans on the market. Our customers seek this product as it gives them with an area of difference to specialised roasters. In past times six years, demand for our coffee features exceeded the amount we are able to supply and we have already been forced to refuse requests intended for larger deliveries. We forecast growth of thirty percent in the initial year with sales exceedingВ ($BRL) expectations. In year 3 the plant will certainly run by maximum ability and based on the current price of coffee we anticipate excellent profits ($BRL). We have positive indications from current importers the fact that additional quantity of beans will be offered. Our secrets to achievement are:

1 . Creating and maintaining working relationships and contractual agreements with American importers and Brazilian coffee broker agents and wholesalers. 2 . Bringing the new center to maximum production inside three years of operation. 3. Increasing each of our profit margin with the use of increased technology inside the new center. 4. Efficiently communicating to current and potential customers, through targeted work, our situation as a differentiated provider in the highest quality Arabica beans in the world.

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1 . you Objectives

The objectives of Silvera & Sons:

* Increase production and sale via 78, 000/60kg bags per year to around 100, 000/60kg bags each year in the initial year of operation in the proposed facility and reach maximum capability of one hundred twenty, 000/60kg bags per year simply by year three. * Maximize sales greatly in the 1st full year of procedure. * Set up strategic associations with 10-15 American importers in La, San Francisco, & Seattle. 2. Increase low margins within the next three years.

1 . 2 Mission

Silvera & Sons Ltda seeks to serve coffee importers and enthusiasts by simply exceeding minimal acceptable top quality standards and by providing the very best quality product with the lowest possible selling price. We worth our interactions with current and foreseeable future customers and hope to talk our gratitude to these people through the outstanding, guaranteed product quality, personal services, and efficient delivery. Our commitment to our customers and the country of Brazil will be reflected through genuine and liable business. 1 . 3 Important factors to Accomplishment

The tips to accomplishment for Silvera & Kids are:

* Creating and preserving working associations and contractual agreements with American importers and B razil coffee brokerages and bulk suppliers. * Using the new center to optimum production inside three years of operation. 2. Increasing each of our profit margin with the use of improved technology inside the new facility. * Efficiently communicating, to current and potential customers, our position as a differentiated supplier of the best quality Arabica beans in the world.

Organization Summary

Silvera & Kids buys and prepares organic coffee in parchment (pergamino), or caffeine in its post-harvest stage. The finished merchandise, green Arabica coffee beans will be packaged in 60kg sacks and sold on the U. S. and Brazilian market. Our customers are mainly American importers and B razil wholesalers who also provide high-quality beans towards the specialty roasting market. installment payments on your 1 Firm Ownership

Silvera & Kids Ltda. can be described as private, family owned preparer and exporter of Brazilian-grown, green Arabica coffees. It is owned and controlled by Ambito Silvera Sr. and his kids, Marco Silvera Jr. and...