Executive Compensation

 Executive Compensation Essay


Professional Compensation is defined as a financial payment received by an exec of a organization. It typically includes factors like income, bonuses, stocks and shares, stocks rewards etc . In simpler words and phrases it is a legal agreement among two consenting adult celebrations. It is an important aspect of Business Governance and it is determined by the board of directors. Inspite of being non-reflex agreement these kinds of compensation benefits are ruined of being unjust and not transparent pertaining to numerous causes. Some think that it is unjust and non transparent that there exists a humungous difference between the salaries of the executives and the ones at the bottom from the corporate ladder while on the contrary others believe that elderly executives are worth what exactly they are being paid. The point of dialogue is about value or the lack of it. So here there are facets of corporate values and compliance being launched. Executive Reimbursement is of different kinds like: Cash Compensation, Choice Grants, Deferred Compensation, Permanent Incentive Ideas, Retirement Plans and Executive Perks. You will find related controversies against each that showcase both sides from the coin.


Executive Compensation is symptomatic from the larger issues in the contemporary society. It is beyond the grasp of greed for money and exercise of power. They have various issues related to that. A few of them have been listed below. a)Missing element of values

In any corporation it is essential to have an moral culture which defines the best means of generating revenue. An missing ethical culture might lead to the short term rewards but may possibly prove to be risky for the long term desired goals. An illustration for the same have been the Enron case, where the fraud permeated to the lower level employees who have believed in short-run plans and unethically achieved the compensation targets. As well as the same was fostered while the people in the organization started to be more competitive and...

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