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1) Describe what occurs in each of the four parts of the hydrologic pattern and how each part of the hydrologic cycle is related to the next portion of the cycle. The four parts of the hydrologic cycle happen to be evaporation, condensation, precipitation and runoff. Drinking water evaporated in the ocean ultimately condenses while water tiny droplets in atmosphere. If the impair grows large enough, the droplets coalesce and fall because precipitation, mostly as rainfall, sometimes since snow or ice. The cycling of water molecules from the marine to the ambiance to the property and returning to the water. 2) Examine the northwestern portion in the country of Brazil in Numbers 2-33, 4-14 and 4-22. В a) What type of environment does northwestern Brazil experience? В Damp Equatorial b) What type of dirt does northwestern Brazil include? В

c) What type of biome is situated in northwestern Brazil?

3) Based upon your answers from #2, explain the relationships that exist between the local climate, soil and biome of northwestern Brazil. 4) According to Figure 4-22, in which main terrestrial biome is asian Nebraska labeled? В What major terrestrial biome category is located towards the east of this found in asian Nebraska? В Which climate factor (temperature or precipitation) explains the between the two biomes? 5) Explain the terms deforestation and desertification. В Try example of the way the two will vary. В Give one example of the way the two are similar. 6) Precisely what is the difference among a replenishable and a non-renewable source? Give one sort of each. 7) What is temperatures inversion, and exactly how does it impact urban pollution problems? 8) What is designed by the term " nonpoint source pollution"? List two examples.

9) Describe, with an example of each, the influences of ethnical values, degree of technology, and economic devices on all-natural resource benefit. 10) Clarify two fights for and two arguments against nuclear power.