Diabetes Dissertation


I am going to talk about the persistent disease diabetes and the risk factors connected with this persistent disease. Let me also discuss who is frequently affected by diabetes and how to handle diabetes.

Diabetes is a disorder in the body when the cells cannot get the sugar from the bloodstream. Diabetes results in high blood glucose levels. Diabetes is known to run in people. In my friends and family diabetes is definitely hereditary. So I am very likely to develop type two diabetes. My great-grandfather had type two diabetes and would not take care of his health. The diabetes and his poor health caused him to formulate poor circulation. As a result of his poor blood flow, he had both of his lower limbs amputated and developed impotency at a new age. This individual died of heart disease at the age of 57.

Diabetes affects tens of millions of americans each year. Less than 50 % of the People in the usa affected are women. The most typical complication of diabetes is heart disease. This is more serious for females than males. In the number of people who have a heart attack, females have a poorer quality lifestyle and a lower survival level than men (CDC, March 2013).

There are three types of diabetes. Type one diabetes occurs when the pancreas cannot generate the proper amount of insulin. Type one diabetes is cared for with insulin therapy. As stated by WebMD, " The main risk factor for type one diabetes is a family history and ancestors of this long term, chronic disease. Having loved ones with diabetes is a key risk factor” (WebMD, 2013). Diseases or injuries to the pancreas might lead diabetes type 1 .

In type two diabetes, insulin is developed, but the cellular material in the body usually do not respond to the insulin. In order to treat type two diabetes is by dieting and physical exercise. Some risk factors of type two diabetes will be, if there is a household history of diabetes, the individual may have a higher risk to develop diabetes. Type two diabetes usually starts off in adulthood, but...

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