Dee Final

 Dee Last Essay

Damien Williams

Mister. Kratz

Dre 098

martinmas 2014

The a comparison of two epic lifestyles A persons race tend to take items in life for granted. Someone when quoted the people who produce our clothes are poor our company is rich. Is this a true assertion about America? Instead of rising the greater things in life. However a lot of people in today's contemporary society are thankful at the same time. At times we have to relax and consider others who also don't have the luxuries we certainly have. Although Cambodians and Americans are both humans there standards of living are very diverse in a way. The Americans live the magnificent lifestyle when compared to Cambodians. We all call it the American method also known as the American fantasy. But all of us still concurrently tend to have it for granted. Shockingly the Cambodia's however tend to check out things in bright side of things and become grateful for what they have. For example the lifestyle from the Americans is incredibly luxurious each goes to school or either job go home get pleasure from their as well as go to sleep. After they want and how they want. Alternatively the Cambodians barley about the decent meal they have to go to work to support their relatives. That they just get to see a few times a year. The Americans may do the actual love to do for a living the many occupations the Americans can choose to complete. From playing sports to staring in movies the Americans get it made a lot of them tend to go over the chances they have in every area of your life. It claims in the book that cambodnies have to pay for a job in the USA the free pg. 128. The cambodinies are forced to adult faster and take on tasks than the normal American kid. Everybody in the current society requires an education in order to succeed in the world. In America education is the key to success however in Cambodia it's a little different. Us citizens are granted an education up till college or university. On the other hand Cambodia's are not promised the same opportunities some are forced to quit college...