Dbq The italian capital and Han

 Essay on Dbq Ancient rome and Han

The Traditional Romans and Hans the two had fascinating views on technology. Because we were holding both such great empires, they was able to create a wide array of technology. If the scholars had been inventing that, they were centered on creating lifestyle much easier than it was. Technology was made essential in more than one way, and attitudes toward it varied from person to person. And even though these behaviour varied, the technology would still be improved to get the basis of what we have today. The Han and Romans' perceptions toward technology were targeted at improving their tools since most of the Ryan technology is about agriculture and ways to cure the workload, while the Romans searched for to create an easier way of carrying goods throughout the empire, while keeping a statistical system to manage it.

The Hans a new lot of technology that was focused on reducing the workload. Tu Shih, a " generous man” who's " policies were peaceful” developed a normal water powered engine to help maqui berry farmers cast flat iron (Document 4). This blowing-engine would cure the time needed to create tools, supplying laborers a lot of free period. It would can also increase the speed from which the tools are produced, meaning that the farmers would have new equipment constantly, lessening the amount of operate needed to be completed due to busted tools. This is demonstrating prejudice because he founded dignity and worked to assist farmers. This individual enjoyed supporting them in whatever means necessary. Su Shih wanted to save the common people labor, and increase the amount of food manufactured at the same time. In document you, a Ryan government established is caution about the approaching floods as well as the need to strengthen the city's defenses by simply placing more people inside the vicinity to be able to make vehicle repairs quickly if perhaps needed. The us government official is very wise, because he orders " just enough employees to meet the necessity. ” This individual understands that in the event there are more workers, they will get in each other's approach, which would increase the work load because it defintely won't be...