Accident Report

 Accident Survey Essay

Accident Report

Details of person completing this statement

Full name: Chan Mun Yee

Principle/Head Teacher/Teacher/Assistant Teacher (underline relevant category) Classroom: Hibiscus

Telephone contact number: 016-2234567

Signature: Mun Yee

Date: 17 November 2008

Information on accident/incident

Just how and so why? Loke Mei Chin identified a box of fits in the classroom was needed to commemorate her birthday. When the teacher out of the class to get the dessert from the kitchen, Loke Mei Chin and Lee Huei Juin played with the matches in the classroom. Loke Mei Chin burnt her pointer little finger (right hand). When it took place: Date 17 November 2008Time 15: 15a. meters

Where industry: Hibiscus Class room

Number of kids injured: one particular

Details of anybody injured

Full name: Loke Mei Chin

Age: 4 years of age

Classroom: Hibiscus Classroom

Character of damage: First-degree burn off

First Aid given: Place the used up area in cool normal water until the pain lessens. Used ‘Burnol Plus' antiseptic cream on the used up area. First Aider: Chan Mun Yee

Taken to hospital – Yes/No

If yes, which hospital and how taken: -

Parents was call – Yes/No could you specify Educated the parents by so doing, as this was the first-degree burn that we able to

give first-aid treatment.

The above accident continues to be explained and discussed by simply both company and the parent/guardian. We concur and be familiar with accident/guardian describe above. This information has been reported according to the best of our understanding.

Signature of Parents/Guardians: Chan CarmenDate: terrorist organization 2008 Personal unsecured of Main: Clyne Wong Date: terrorist organization 2008