Newspaper Tosai

 Paper Tosai

Name: Sharifah Nur Eli Diyana bt Syed Ismail

Chapter 2: Case 2-59

1 ) Memo


: Sean Cassanitti

Production Director


: Diyana


: two November 2011


: Costs analysis for Printer Circumstance Department

Rental factory building is $177, 000/year. Inkjet printer Case Division occupies 1/6 of the manufacturer building, hence the rental is $29, 000/year. Leasing cost intended for the Printer Case Division will be received even though the office were closed because the left space wasn't able to be separated from the entire building. Letting space inside the warehouse can be $39, 000. If the Inkjet printer Case Department were ceased, the entire storage could be relocated to the space vacated by the shut down department. Consequently , $39, 500 is the opportunity cost which means by shifting to the vacated space, Comptech Inc helps you to save $39, 500. If the Printing device Case Department continues to run, there will be two supervisor wages incurred inside the company expense; salary of current Computer printer Case Division supervisor and salary of new supervisor pertaining to the Assembly Department. However in case the Printer Case Department shut down, the current director will be designated to Set up Department. 2 . Competence

The controller should certainly maintain an appropriate level of his professional knowledge by constantly developing knowledge and expertise. The control should execute duties according to relevant laws and regulations, regulations and technical requirements. The control mechanism should put together accurate and clear information after evaluation of relevant and reliable information. Intergrity

The controller will need to avoid conflict of interest by regularly communicate with business associates. The control mechanism should steer clear of from engaging in any execute that would bias carrying out tasks ethically.

Section 3: Circumstance 2-60

y = Farrenheit + Vx

(1024S) F + Vx sama dengan (1024M) Farreneheit + Vx

8000 & 0. 14x = 11000 + 0. 09x

times = 60000 copies