Buyer Movement and Consumerism

 Consumer Movements and Consumerism Essay

The History

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Consumer Movement and Consumerism

Michael J Jackson

Grantham University

A brief history of the Consumer Movement and Consumerism

Consumerism as described by the book is a modern day movement intended for the protection of the customer against useless, inferior, or perhaps dangerous items, misleading marketing, unfair prices. Ralph Nader is probably credited as one of the first activist that took client rights as well as the whole consumerism movement one stage further. Nader first came to prominence in 1965 when he wrote an e book that required the automotive industry to job for creating unsafe automobiles. Nader was so good in his crusade to expose the unfair methods of the automotive aftermarket that executives at Standard Motors chosen private investigators to harass him and later forced to openly apologize to get the behavior facing a Senate hearing. Nader also performed a key role in the organization of the Epa, the Work-related Safety and Health Operations, the Freedom info Act and the Consumer Product Safety Commission rate. All of these government agencies have the principal purpose of preserving the privileges of the customer to gain access to information about the safety and quality of goods that were available in the market available for purchase to aid consumers generate educated purchasing decisions. In accordance to Aaker & Williams (1982), Director Kennedy also played a huge role towards advancing the rights with the consumer if he established the four legal rights of the consumer: the right to security, to be up to date, to decided to go with, and to be heard. Kennedy expanded the right to safety to add the protection of people from themselves, a policy with which there is certainly more difference. It is contended that people should not always be authorized to make decisions which are not in their best long-run interests even when this sort of decisions happen to be deliberate and informed.

According to Willis (n. d. ), In order to research the history of consumerism in...

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