Compare and Agreement

 Compare and Contract Essay

Maroubra and Kogarah are of two Sydney suburbs nationwide. Maroubra is actually a beach region while Kogarah is a residential one. You will find similarities and differences

between these two suburbs. This report will certainly compare and contract information concerning aspects and features of persons, housing and services.

There are a few similarities and differences in people. As for populace, Maroubra features 26500 persons whereas Kogarah has simply 10900 people. The two and surrounding suburbs have the largest age group via 20 years old to 39 years old which has nearly 32% for both equally. Regarding background country of origin, the number of immigrant in Kogarah is usually two time more than that in Maroubra (14% and 7% respectively). However , Maroubra has more people were born in Australia within Kogarah.

The enclosure of the two suburbs differs greatly in median home price and apartment selling price. Maroubra offers median house price more than one million dollars while Kogarah provides only about 650000 dollars. The median apartment price in Maroubra is higher than Kogarh ( $575000 and $420000 respectively). Nevertheless the proportion of apartments in both two suburbs is the same.

Finally, there are similarities and differences in the services in the two and surrounding suburbs. In both equally suburbs have sufficient services such because transport, retail, hospitals and education establishments. In term of transfer, Maroubra will not have train service when Kogarah provides one which will take the vacationers 25 minutes to go to town. With respect to selling, shopping center, little shops and cafes likewise have in both two and surrounding suburbs, but the retail complex in Maroubra is bigger in size than in Koagrah. On the other hand, small retailers and restaurants in Maroubra are on key roads, these in Koagrah are around train station. Concerning hosptals, various private treatment centers and main hospital are located in equally two suburbs, but it requires three minutes to go to major hospital in Maroubra. With regards to education services, in Kogarah is more produced than that in Maroubra. For...