COMM PSY EXERCISE 1 Research Conventional paper

Ndeah Terry


Community Psychology

Exercise 1

Workout 1- " Abnormality”

Inside the space provided indicate (a) in which you happen to be " unnatural, ” or perhaps different, for each of your reference groups, (b) the ways that your becoming different from the majority of is a confident quality you would like to keep, and (c) many ways that the being unlike most is known as a negative quality that decreases your life relatively.

Reference Group

Ways you are irregular

Positive Top quality

Negative Quality

Your racial

Your nationality

Your religion

Your language

Your age

Your gender

Your place of residence

Your social position

Your educational level

The formal association to


The informal parti to concepts

African American



English language (American)

21 years old



Middle Category


LSAMP, WISE, and Astronomy Golf club

I'm persistent

I am come from a rich ethnical heritage.

I was born in a region where I have freedom and a lot of opportunity.

My personal religion gives me peace and comfort.

I love my indigenous language and a lot of people around the globe also speak it.

I enjoy being young and healthy.

I actually get to hopefully one day have the joy of having children.

Living on campus allows me to possess full use of all of my own university's resources.

My family and i also have enough money to obtain what we need and sustain ourselves.

These are all technology based golf clubs. I arrive at relate to others on different issues in research and science in each of them.

I get to pick and choose ideas that agree with coming from both parties. That makes me a minority and therefore subject to splendour.

I am also from a part of the world that many persons dislike.

Because of today's post-9/11...