Com140 Week 5 Powerful Memo

 Com140 Week 5 Influential Memo Essay


To: Charlotte Alexander

From: Sonya Busnardo

Date: 2/25/2010

Subject: River Look at Plaza/DigiFast

A detailed review of the organization's demands and issues has led me personally to an proven fact that would not simply benefit we and its personnel, but different tenants and building owners. The pitch is to appeal to a deli/coffee shop that might be situated on the first floor. This would offer easy access to get other companies inside the area and in addition provide an added break location for renters and their employees. A deli/coffee shop will bring outdoors business in to the building and would show those individuals towards the services from the tenants. It might also provide the business owners with an additional extravagance to attract long term tenants, and possibly convince the owners to put an additional breakroom or move the current one particular. The deli/coffee shop can also offer a delivery service to both office building and surrounding office buildings, which in turn would minimize some of the visitors. Because a deli/coffee shop gives fast services, the need for extra parking will not be necessary. A lot of spaces inside the front of the building may be allocated while five small or ten minute " deli” areas to allow simple and fast access. 1 or 2 extra, outside trash receptacles can be purchased to accommodate the increased insert and transport to the deli can be established during low traffic period. All other burdens, i. elizabeth., tenant advancements, extra venting and insurance would be the responsibility of the deli.