Clearwater Seafood: Item Analysis

 Clearwater Seafoods: Product Analysis Essay


Combined Arab Emirates occupies a total area of about 83, six-hundred square kms (32, 500 square miles), along the south-eastern tip from the Arabian Peninsula between 22В°50 and 26В°N and between 51В° and 56В°25 E. The UAE has you 318 km of continental coastline over the Persian Gulf of mexico. The inflation rate, exchange rate and currency steadiness are important things to consider in International trade, financially, the UAE has a 4% of GDP growth in 2012 with a decrease inflation rate of 1. 1%, In terms of days and nights and cost of import method (United Arab Emirate). The Urbanization level of the region is 84% (UAE) which will would contribute to the product awareness in important part of the area since the urbanization rate is high. The common languages in UAE happen to be Arabic (official), Persian, British, Hindi, and Urdu with major religious beliefs is Islam. Note British is also common language in this region because of existence of foreign expatriate functioning over presently there (Languages voiced in Dubai). The major normal resources that contribute to the GDP of the location are petroleum and gas. The the fishing industry of the UAE are entirely artisanal in nature and no main aquaculture industry in the country. The Country is dry nature; you will find no inland fisheries in the UAE. Inside the UAE seafood is ingested as part of day-to-day meals as well as for special occasions, and additionally both the quickly growing UAE population plus the increase in travel and leisure and main developments travel increased seafood consumption, The demand from the U. A. Electronic. foodservice sector for sea food has grown simply by 42% and reached US$158 million by simply 2012 which can also increase (Agri-Food Trade Services) The UAE is a very rule-oriented region with stiff and stringent laws, guidelines, regulations and values of Islam while it also has a really friendly and favourable trading environment, rating the sixth worldwide in the factor of Trading Throughout Borders by simply Word Bank. There is no non-tariff Barriers on most of brought in product, specifically on seafood providing they will comply with Muslim laws and traditions. Firm

Clearwater's headquarter office is in Bedford, Nova Scotia. It is fleet bounty for all Clearwater's seafood item in the North Atlantic region, and 7 land-based keeping facilities which integral links vertically built-in structure will be the locations intended for primary processing (Processing Facilities). The organization from the company is definitely well included; the headquarter has functions of HR, IT and finance are integrated within the management of VP Financing and CFO (Chief Financial Officer), plus the COO (Chief Operating Officer) manages getting, quality control, logistics and monitors functions of 7 land-based holding processing facilities also the COO will be in control of the exportation to UAE. Each factory's manager should certainly report to COO and its personal departments of HR, accounting, QA, and logistics will be guided by the corresponding departments (Clearwater Fine Foods Inc). Clearwater revenue might increase in the event that UAE is considered for the export business based on the fact that there exists increase in demand of seafoods in UAE especially live crabs, which can be sold nearly triple the price in UAE compare to Canada. Clearwater has existing business which includes partnership in Europe, Asia, North America (Clearwater Seafood Incorporated); the company is planning to increase to UAE to increase industry’s revenue and make the reliable seafood business known from this part of the community. Lobster

The UAE can be described as niche market pertaining to Canadian lobster, in 2011; the total export benefit of lobsters (live or perhaps frozen) from Canada towards the UAE reached $2. a few million, a boost of 657% and 77% from 2000 and 08 respectively. Relating to a latest Statistics Canada report, this summer Canada exported 91, 231kg of lobster (live and frozen) towards the UAE. It might be seen there is a huge potential in Canadian lobster industry in the UAE (The National). Therefore , it could be calculated which the average unit price of lobster released to the UAE is $25/Kg or...

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