cda goal one particular

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п»їCompetency Goal one particular

To establish and look after a safe, healthy, learning environment

Functional Location 1: Safe

My goal is to stop or decrease injuries as the children are during my care. This is very important because young children are often unaware of problems in their area. One of the ways to accomplish this is by supervisory the children constantly. You should always have the ability to see and hear the children. Another way I can do this is by checking the childcare environment, the two inside and outside, every morning check that outlet plugs happen to be in place, and no busted objects. I would also use a weekly checklist and make sure anything is in place. In the outside the house, I check for broken tools or sharp objects. I actually am competed in emergency evacuation procedures and plans to take out all children from the classroom and/or building in the event of a tornado or fire. I actually ensure that most chemicals and cleaning products are set aside out of the reach of children or stored in locked cabinets to avoid injury or poisoning. Efficient Area 2: Healthy

My target is in this kind of are is usually to prevent the spread of germs in the day care classroom. This will be significant because kids do not have the control over their particular body capabilities and bacteria can spread quickly. I always wash my personal hands before and after helping a young child in the bathroom, wiping their very own nose, washing body essential fluids, handling food, and after outside the house play time. Most toys will be sanitized regular, and the bathing rooms are cleaned out daily. During naptime, We make sure every child offers his/her personal bedding that happen to be to be sanitized weekly. I actually educate children about the food pyramid and prepare actions to support all their learning Useful Area several: Learning Environment

My goal is to provide children with varied options for learning through play. Most small children learn getting into, I permit the children to participate in preparing, and provide actions, which concern children coming from all development amounts.

One of my desired goals in the...