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Reflection on the Decision Making Method

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The survey is a expression on the decision making process with a consumer for any high-end product. The record summaries as to how the shopping for decision-making method starting from want recognition and then the information search and the analysis of alternatives helps in buying choice and finally the decision to get the product. The post obtain evaluation may be the customers' responses for the same company and the item. The following survey also helps marketers gather an insight as to how theories and concepts like the Maslow's motivational hierarchy, the perception in the customers, Fishbein-Aizen theory of reasoned actions, brand graphic, self idea, level of engagement in the purchase as well as the role of reference teams and tribes can influence a shopping for decision.



For our assessment it is crucial for us to know what each one of the term company, product, services and consumer behavior suggest. BRAND: Your own brand is any kind of label that carries which means and association. A great company does even more: it deepens coloration and resonance to a product or possibly a service. (Kotler, 2003) PRODUCT and SERVICES: In advertising, a product can be anything that could be offered to a market that might fulfill a want or need. (Kotler et. al 2006) Services are an intangible item used to gratify consumers wants and needs. CUSTOMER BEHAVIOUR: It is the study of people, groups, or organizations and the processes they use to select, secure and get rid of products, solutions, experiences or perhaps ideas to meet needs plus the impacts these processes have got on the customer and culture. (Kuester, Sabine 2012) Intended for marketers, understanding how consumers respond is an important part of correctly figuring out their true needs, and in addition of understanding how the seller as well as the consumer may effectively and efficiently connect. Consumers coming from all types move through some complicated decision making techniques before they are really ready to make a purchase, or decide to continue to obtain and to take in a particular service or product. The study of client behavior support marketers in understanding the decision-making processes that consumers embark on. (Alas H et. al 2007). This report looks for to understand and analyze the dynamic ordering behavior of a consumer towards purchase of a specialist camera (DSLR) and the causes that influenced the purchaser/consumer throughout the decision process right up until he reached the final response to buying the merchandise. Starting from a purpose and further named an act of buying and evaluating alternatives, buying decision is motivated by many behavior patterns and various factors.

installment payments on your THE CONSUMER MAKING DECISIONS PROCESS

The customer buying method represents five steps that consumers carry out in buying the necessary goods and services. The method starts with: 1) The Recognition Of your Need

2) Information Search

3) Evaluation Of Alternatives

4) Order Decision

5) Post Purchase Evaluation (Kotler et ing. 2010, pg. 222).

Need Recognition

The buying decision-making process started with realizing a need to obtain a professional DIGITAL SLR camera. My buddy, Siddharth liked clicking photographs and it had been one of his favourite hobbies and interests. He had bought a Sony camera but was not happy with the results when he expected a lot more. He then decided that it was time for him in order to save some money for his enthusiasm of pictures and buy an expert camera that will give him a bit edge in the photography. Details Search

Siddharth being a genuinely passionate man for his photography chose to look for a camera with intensive attributes and great features. Started exploring the market for alternatives and info for a camera that would give him a conquer...

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