Bukowski poem - a smile to not forget

 Essay about Bukowski composition - an endearing smile to remember


A smile to remember

Charles Bukowski

The composition is really a short story about an ordinary relatives with tragic problems. The kid of the mom and the daddy, who happen to be mentioned in the poem, is a narrator. The likely situation is that the kid in the composition represents Charles Bukowski's the child years.

In the first lines of the story, it is mentioned that the relatives has goldfish. We hear about a boy, in whose mother will keep telling him to be happy, despite the fact that she has an unhappy life due to his outrageous and abusive father, who beats her frequently. Some day the goldfish dies great father, getting the insensible man he could be, throws the goldfish to the cat, yet remarkably, Henry's mother only smiles.

The first impression you get possibly the title from the poem is that this must be a ‘feel-good'- or ‘love'-poem. Inside the first series, the word ‘goldfish' is pointed out. An innocent image many readers can easily relate to. Precisely the same goes for the queue " my mother, constantly smiling, wanting us all to get happy”. Once again, to the reader this is a good factor. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Most of the people agree that going through your life happy, is something we all try to achieve. The 6th line scans " and she was right: it can better to become happy if you”. Then a poet does something exceptional. The line prevents after " you”, even though the next line, only involves one term; " can”. Bukowski made this word a line independently to make the reader understand the undertone of desolation in the family members, because they surely cannot live the happy, picture-perfect life. Simply by writing it this way, Bukowski leave it towards the reader to decide if the mom and the kid are happy. But clearly the Mother appreciates that the kid is in fact by no means happy, since he " never smiles” as the girl remarks later.

Line 10-11, " strong inside his 6-foot-two body because he couldn't understand what was attacking him from within”. We know by earlier, that Bukowski's the child years was awfully violent great father was abusive...