English Analysis Paper

 English Analysis Paper

Title: WhatsApp is the best messages tool.

Thesis statement: WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application because there are three advantages.


Have you ever before used WhatsApp to talk to your friend? WhatsApp Messenger (WhatsApp) is opened up and developed by WhatsApp Inc. the industry science and technology firm located in San francisco. WhatsApp is known as a smartphone software which making use of the network to send out message and it is available on different mobile phone platform. Moreover to text messaging, users could also send out pictures, video and audio multimedia messages etc . The feature of WhatsApp is that it might reveal the user's ‘last seen time' and it can let the sender know whether the device has been viewed the message or certainly not. Competing with others Asia-based messaging services such as LINE, WhatsApp deals with ten billion dollars messages per day as of September 2012, growing from two billion in April 2012. The establishment of WhatsApp has replaced traditional SMS and BING, it is because WhatsApp has bring about three great effect for the users in everyday life. That's why WhatsApp is the best messaging tool.

(1) Favorable cost of Whatsapp:

Whatsapp is definitely the cheapest communications tool in Hong Kong. In line with the Whatsapp business, the Android, Nokia and BlackBerry users usually free sample for one year and pay a fee HKD$8 a year; Apple users spend HKD$8 to use Whatsapp permanently. Only need to match WIFI or Network, Whatsapp users can easily send to all or any Whatsapp users all around the world with all the same payment. Compared to the fee of TEXT MESSAGE, which has same function to deliver message to others by mobile phone, SMS is somewhat more expensive than Whatsapp. The SMS payment charges depending on the amount of emails sending out, while Whatsapp fee is a one time repayment. Thus, if there are more messages mailing out, more advantage the Whatsapp users can get.

(2) Convenience of using Whatsapp:

It can be convenient to talk with friends at any time, anywhere. The innovative...