Attendance Monitoring System your five

 Attendance Monitoring System your five Essay



An Attendance Monitoring and Notification System is a software solution to get monitoring the attendance from the students. Scholars in the United States are to introduce a monitoring system to check when ever students go to or miss class. Sensors will find student's identity card, after they enter the address theatres. Warton classes for example , makes use of computer software that quickly determined if the student did not attend their classes which will be shown in their levels and found by their parents. In most university in the Thailand the use of paperback system is the most popular way of monitoring the presence. Whereas, the teacher will have to utter their very own names in the class and the students must verify all their names in the event that he/she exists for that working day. Attendance Monitoring and Warning announcement System can reduce this kind of paper based program and will save you time of presence call through the class. This technique is a need intended for Universities.


This kind of capstone job entitled " Attendance Monitoring and Notice System” concerning the stakeholders is going to enhance the interaction of the father and mother and the school leaders about monitoring the attendance of the students. This system will gain a person or a group which has a immediate interest and involvement with this application. The start of this technique was last July 2012 and it will end on Oct 2012, might be second week or a week ago of the said month. This method will be done on our very own school company (St. Anthony's College San Jose, Antique), when this method was arranged fixed, that's the time of putting into action it. The researchers suggest for this system to improve the customary technique of attendance monitoring through computerization and to recommend parents with their children through text notice.

1 . a couple of Purpose and Description

This project titled " Presence Monitoring and Notification System” is designed for the parents to have at heart if his/her...