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Eulimay Gillang

The Spanish-American Conflict of


• Cuba, Spanish Nest in the West Indies,

revolted against its imperialiste master at some time

in March, 1895.

• Governor-General Valeriano Weyler leader of the The spanish language Forces in Cuba. • American entrepreneurs had enormous investments

in the sugar market in Cuba.

• Leader William McKinley sent the united states

battleship Maine to Barrica for the purpose of

evacuating American citizens in the event

revolution worsened.

• A letter from Enrique Dupuy de Lome, the

Spanish minister to the United States was

published inside the New York Diary on Feb . 9,


• This kind of letter imagined President McKinley as a

" would-be politician” and a weak leader.

• Leader McKinley – symbol of yankee nation

• The American battleship Maine docked in Havana

harbor was inflated, allegedly by Spaniards

about February 15, 1898.

• Resulted in losing about 260 crewmen.

• Randolf Hearst - the father of Yellow-colored Journalism.

• According to Hearst, the battleship was really

blown up and sank not really by the Spaniards but by

the American spies stationed in Emborrachar.

• President McKinley advised direct American

intervention in Cuba towards the US congress on Apr

11, 1898.

• Spain declared warfare against the ALL OF US on 04 24,


• The spring 25, 1898 – Spanish-American War began.

Battle of Manila Gulf

• On April twenty-five, 1898, Commodore George

Dewey, proceeded towards the Philippines having a

squadron of four armored cruisers, two

gunboats and a revenue cutter machine.

• Led by the flagship Olympia.

• They entered Manila Bay in the early morning

of May possibly 1, 1898, and employed the The spanish language fleet

of 12 ships.

• Admiral Patricio Montojo – mind of Spanish


• Battle of Manila Gulf – probably the most

significant fights in the history of the American

people since it established the usa as a

world power.

• For the Filipinos, Dewey's victory signaled the

end of more than 300 years of Spanish colonial

guideline in the country.

• It proclaimed the beginning of American colonial guideline

in the Philippines.

Attempts in Gaining Filipino


• After busting the The spanish language fleet, Dewey

blockaded Manila while awaiting

reinforcement through the US.

• Basilio Agustin – Governor-General of the

region and the replacement, beneficiary of Primo de Regato.

• He was very demoralized by:

1 . the defection of the Filipinos from the The spanish language

Army to Aguinaldo's area.

2 . Dewey's victory in the Spanish fast in

Manila Bay.

• Agustin granted two decrees creating a Filipino

Volunteer Militia and a Consultative Assembly.

• His purpose was to win over the ilustrados.

• However , this kind of backfired because all of those

equiped to the militia sided with Aguinaldo.

• The Consultative Assembly, went by Pedro

Paterno, the negotiator with the Pact of Biak-naBato and who appealed to the Filipinos to support The country of spain.

Filipino-American Cooperation

• In the mean time, a problem cropped up regarding

the disposal with the P400, 1000 from GovernorGeneral Primo para Rivera beneath the terms of the Pact of Biak-na-Bato.

• Isabelo Artacho needed the money being

apportioned between themselves.

• Aguinaldo turned down the proposal so Artacho

sued him in the Hk Supreme Court docket.

• Aguinaldo, Gregorio de Pilar and J. Leyba

secretly attended Singapore and arrived presently there

on April 23, 1898.

• Howard Bray, an Englishman, up to date Aguinaldo

that E. Bradzino Pratt, the American consul, wanted

to confer with him.

• Recompensa, consented to return to the Philippines with

Commodore Dewey to once more business lead the innovation

against Italy, fighting alongside the Us citizens.

• Rounseville Wildman - American consul in Hong


• Wildman advised Aguinaldo to determine dictatorial


• Wildman and Pratt assured Propina that the

American government sympathized with the Filipino's

aspirations pertaining to independence.

• In view of new developments, Hk Junta...