Advanced Practice WORD CREATION REVISI Dissertation


I actually. Use the terms given in capitals at the end of each and every sentence to form a word that fits you the space.

1 . Security tests upon old cars have been ____________________ throughout The european countries. (STANDARD) installment payments on your We sooner or later began the ____________________ activity of selecting through his papers. (LABOUR) 3. Kids normally experience a lot of ____________________ of the first day at school. (ANXIOUS) 4. What a very ____________________ flower set up you have right now there. (ART) five. The engineering sector accomplished significant ____________________ last year. (GROW) 6. He was ____________________ from a injury in his glenohumeral joint. (BLOOD) several. Her initial novel, ____________________ More Harmless Times, was published in 1977. (TITLE) 8. There is certainly a(n) ____________________ simple justification of so what happened. (SUPPOSE) on the lookout for. Her face showed a(n) ____________________ of fear and excitement. (MIX) 10. The reports happen to be treated because strictly____________________. (CONFIDENCE) 11. Enjoy how she does it and then do ____________________. (LIKE) 12. The portrait consists of four ____________________ obstructs of color. (RECTANGLE) 13. The journal offers tips on cutting your property ____________________ costs. (MAINTAIN) 18. The government provides a policy of letting the ____________________ sick be cared for in the community. (MIND) 15. That staircase of theirs is among the most beautiful piece of ____________________. (CARPENTER) 16. Inside the exam we had to write one particular ____________________ essay. (DESCRIBE) seventeen. I'm not ____________________ to being treated like this. (CUSTOM) 18. Numerous mature forest were ____________________ in the tornado. (ROOT) nineteen. How do we find out humans ____________________ from apes? (EVOLUTION) 20. He had grown up in a(n) ____________________ because his mother could not look after him. (ORPHAN) 21. A UN pressure has been submitted to try and ____________________ the area most severe affected by the civil war. (PEACE) twenty two. I am simply planning to ____________________ the important points of the case. (CERTAIN) 23. If you come for the ____________________ in 10: 40, the doctor sees you then. (SURGICAL) 24. In the later works of art he utilized a more ____________________ blend of colors. (HARMONY) 25. It was a(n) ____________________ in the President's engagement in key arms offers that shocked the nation. (REVEAL) 26. She gets that book and small coldness of manner which can be ____________________ English language. (TYPE) 27. She is offender of playing a(n) ____________________ part in the plot. (NOBLE) 28. The organization is ____________________ to new ideas always. (RECEIVE) 29. There were problems that the advertising were ____________________ to females. (OFFEND) 40. We are all ____________________ to you for your help. (DEBT) 31. The business is keen to develop its own ____________________ in regards to computer programming. (EXPERT) 32. He was ____________________ about his looks, spending several hours in the gym. (VANITY) 33. That they knew that the vaccine intended for the computer virus was ____________________ possible. (THEORY) 34. Over 30, 1000 ____________________ can run in the New York workshop. (COMPETE) thirty-five. The names of all dead were ____________________ for the monument. (SCRIPT) 36. The modern director from the TV stop is likely to make key changes in ____________________. (PERSON) thirty seven. They've got an auto dvd unit village that you can visit, considering the buildings and roads in ____________________. (MINI) 38. They claim that the fall in joblessness is based on a(n) ____________________ manipulation of stats. (FRAUD) 39. The company was inefficient since it was highly ___________________. (BUREAU) 40. Obtained all together in the church, they will likely ____________________ people who lost their lives in the Great War. (MEMORY) 41. Dr. murphy is the author of three catalogs and ____________________ articles. (NUMBER) 42. That was one of the ____________________ exhibitions I've noticed. (SPECTACLE) 43. They've got incredibly...