1 Porters five forces driving a car industry competition of SME

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п»ї1 Porters five pushes driving industry competition of SME

1 ) 1 Bargaining power of suppliers:

Here I came to i believe, to one of the very important threats that SME is facing. The declining dependency of the musicians on the label. A number of big names such us Madona, U2, Shakira and wide range of others*5 authorized comprehensive deals with live land what surfaced a new competition in the field of concert events and venues promoters. The marketplace had emerged for music artists also an additional alternative to labels. Players such us VibeDec, SounDay etc… are rendering services which will allowed artists to manage their particular careers. Features SME still the strong power to keep interest of musicians? The musicians have more power to negotiate better conditions. 1 . 2 Negotiating power of Customers:

Bargaining benefits of customers is definitely aspect which can be helping by simply assessing the industry attractiveness. In this force we could split the customers in two, specific and corporate. The bargaining power of corporate buyers will be tightly related to musicians that is to be represented simply by SME. What should be taken into consideration is, the fact that power of net sellers keeps growing based on the importance of the website marketing. They are able to convert the interest of customers to music which could be intersting for them from revenue point of view. This factor won't have a significant effect on the big labels which have faithful fans. The bargaining power of individual customers is growing through internet piracy which the market is facing. The customers can easily define the cost level through which they are checking out the ilegal sources of music. 1 . 3 Threats of substitute product or service:

A substitute may be identified as a substitute product or service which usually meets a similar customers needs, in the same way while the product or service in the SME. Pertaining to purchases with the music can be identified being substitution cost-free streaming music, P2P downloads and the on the net TV or perhaps Radio channels. Willingly repayment for album,...