An Introduction to Cartography

An Introduction to Cartography

Cartography is explained by Webster's as the art work of earning maps, but how could it be done? A cartographer doesn't just sit back and attract a map free of charge hand. He has to have approaches and equipment to accomplish the work right and accurately.

Maps could be made in three various ways: cylindrical projection, conic projection, and azimuthal projection. These various ways vary the product quality and the precision of the map. Regardless of how a map is manufactured it will have geographic grids, that assist us find and explain locations. These grids are influenced in several ways by each one of the projection methods.

Cylindrical projections will be the projections of the world onto a cylinder. The easiest way to comprehend cylindrical projection is to assume a paper cylinder covered around an illuminated world. The lines from the globe are therefore projected onto the cylinder in shadows and may be traced. When that's finished the cylinder is usually slit and unrolled. The difficulty with cylindrical projection is usually that there are incredibly few lines that are free from distortion. The lines that happen to be closest to the part of the cylinder that touched the world will be more accurate, while the kinds farther out are not as much accurate. This makes countries like Greenland appear humongous on a map, while making America look smaller then genuine size.

Conic projections will be the projections of a world onto a cone. The simplest way to visualize conic projections is to assume a paper cone using its open end resting over component of an illuminated world. The lines are placed onto the cone the


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