An Examination of Millers Portrayal of Ladies in a Viewpoint From the Bridge

An Research of Miller's Portrayal of Ladies in a Check out From the Bridge

How Does Miller Portray Ladies in A Look at From The Bridge?

A Look at From the Bridge can be today's adaptaiton of a Greek tragedy compiled by Arthur Miller. The ladies in the play-Beatrice and Catherine are character types which Miller uses showing the idea of feminity and adjustments they bring in to the play through Catherine's increasing maturity from a kid to an adult.

At the start of the take up Miller portrays both women as submissive and passive, he does indeed this through dialogue as both women confronting Eddie about Catherine trying to get a secretarial job states: “What work? She's gonna finish college” suggesting that Eddie is an extremely controlling body in Catherine's life-and education. Beatrice's attempts to appease Eddie by declaring “She's askin' you nowadays, she didn't consider nothin' yet” which woud further more porve how Eddie is usually a dominating figue and both women, Beatrice and Catherine will be passive because they both don't make decisions without Eddie's authorization. Also, at the start of the play, Catherine's identity is portrayed concerning be ‘naïve' this is displayed through stagecraft and level directions written in the text-“almost in tears because he disapproves” that is Catherine's response when she views Eddie upset with how Catherine “walks wavy” infront of individuals. Beatrice sometimes appears as the warm-hearted and regular ‘housewife' in the take up, the way she worries about how the home appears like before her cousins appear; “…I thought it was


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