An Evaluation of T.S. Eliots Poem "The Hollow Men"

An Research of T.S. Eliot's Poem "The Hollow Men"

In T.S. Eliot's poem The Hollow Guys, T.S. Eliot contrasts his straw-filled

hollow men with the "shed violent souls" of Mr. Kurtz and Person Fawkes.

Mr. Kurtz is a figure in Joseph Conrad's Heart and soul of Darkness. T.S. Eliot is

saying that it's easier to have met death also to have strong opinions than to

sit idly and remain stagnant. Both Eliot and Conrad happen to be portraying the general

society to be decaying. The hollow mean will be in circumstances of stagnation. They can

neither choose life nor death and so are consequently damned to a lifestyle where they will

waste away to nothing. The hollow males are said to stay in a gray, bleak

wasteland full of cactus. This notion contrasts with Conrad's make use of symbolism in

Heart of Darkness. Joseph Conrad portrays photos of stark white colored and black.

Joseph Conrad is saying that there have been only extremes getting the civilized and

the uncivilized. Mr. Kurtz was trying to be always a go-between for the civilized and

the uncivilized societies of England and Africa. Mr. Kurtz started to be depressed and

essentially devolved. In this good sense, Conrad says that


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