An Analysis of the consequences of TV on Children

An Analysis of the consequences of TV on Children

Effects of TV on Children

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Effects of TV

on Children

Sitting in school, little Jane sits anxiously

watching the clock. The teacher is speaking with the class, but Jane just

can't wait to get house. When the bell finally rings, she operates out of the

classroom, and all just how home. After blasting inside your home, she runs

to turn on it. Having nothing more fascinating to accomplish, Jane will sit in

front of the television until her mother pulls her away for supper. This is

an all to familiar scenario in lots of American homes today. What various people

don't understand are the problems that may develop from small children watching

too much TV. Many emerging dilemmas are caused by this concern. When

a youngster with a maturing brain sits before it for several

hours each day, it can instigate lack of creativity, impatience, and violence

further along down the road.


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