A Background of the Battle of 1812 in the United States

A Record of the Battle of 1812 in the United States

DBQ: The War of 1812

The War of 1812, known mainly because of its division among Federalists and Republicans over support of the battle, led to a united country confident of its abilities and optimistic about its future Measure the validity of this statement

The War of 1812, though a reasonably minor military conflict, became a historic turning stage in American record. It had once more solidified the ideology of america as a federal product, as opposed to various regional governments. As the battle raged on and Us citizens saw the astounding achievement of their region before their very eye, they became confident within their talents and optimistic about their potential. John Mack Faragher, writer of Out of several: A BRIEF HISTORY of the American People, explained that, although the Battle of 1812 brought Americans a few occasions of glory, it had been overall an ignominious struggle that obtained them [Americans] little. This statement is clearly developed from ignorance, and the occurrences following the war would prove that. AMERICA would set up a firm trade relationship with THE UK, whom these were once enemies with. After all of the fighting and conflicting opinions of the countries, it took comprehensive diplomatic relations to create everything possible. This alone foreshadowed the fantastic success of the up-and-coming nation. With the British withdrawal from American soil following the war, westward expansion started out to appear ever practical. The Virginia Dynasty (Madison and Monroe) would today be able to perform the visions of ex - president, Thomas Jefferson. The agrarian republic envisioned by Jefferson was a learning to be a very likely reality. One of many last major


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